gear grinding wheels

Gear Grinding Wheels

A Gear is a toothed wheel, which engages with another toothed part in order to transmit motion or to change speed or direction. The requirement of a Gear has gone up significantly in terms of faster transmission, greater efficiency coupled with reduction in noise during the transmission. This lays a strong emphasis on the grinding and honing of the gears to meet the exacting demands of smooth and accurate running.

There are three most popular grinding methods:

  • Multi-Rib grinding or the Continuous generative grinding, where there is a synchronous rotation of the Gear with the profiled Grinding wheel. This is used for small gears with high volumes.
  • Single Rib grinding or the Discontinuous generative grinding, where each tooth flank is ground individually. This is used for large gears
  • Bevel Gear grinding where the Bevel gears and pinions are ground using cup or cylinder shaped grinding wheel in a special profile grinding process


  • High performance Sharp, Microcrystalline abrasive blended with friable abrasives
  • Fusible, glassy crystalline bond for improved form holding
  • Special filling, pressing and sintering process for uniform hardness across width
  • High precision CNC profiling of wheel and inspection