glass machine tools

Glass Machining

Our quality tools boost your efficiency in milling and grinding glass - we offer applied solutions. improve the edge grade, extend the life time of grinding tools and benefit from the further improved price-performance ratio of our products.

Expanding our range of products with new roughing tools of with specialized specifications we are offering excellent milling tools for designing superior outer and inner contours as well as segmented grinding wheels for highest edge quality.

We provide matching specifications related to your glass thickness – with or without internal cooling, depending on your application.

We offer three different versions for the fine grinding. You can select among

  • Standard tools with continuous rim
  • Standard tools with internal cooling
  • Standard tools with internal cooling and segmented rim
glass machine tools

For optimal clarity of the glass edge we provide first-class proven quality with the polishing tools These can be combined with the Edge Grinding tools to complete the process.

Product benefits at a glance:

Milling tools/roughing tools

  • Long tool life
  • High feed rate
  • High stock removal rate
  • Excellent edge quality

Fine grinding tools

glass machine tools
  • Excellent edge condition
  • For the following polish
  • Stable profile

Polishing tools

  • Outstanding polish result
  • Long tool life