Honing Oil and Coolants

Delapena's range of high quality honing oil and coolants are formulated using the latest additives and technology. Your investment in our honing oil will allow better performance and the lowest overall cost per part through the honing process.

Our honing oil are available in two different specifications.

Delapena Extra Honing Oilhoning oils and coolants from delapena group

Delapena Extra Honing Oil is formulated for use on standard applications that require high tolerances. Delapena Extra is light in colour to improve work piece visibility and improve consistency on smaller components such as: Cylinders, Gears, Control Bushes and Injection Pumps.

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Delapena HD Honing Oil

Delapena HD Heavy Duty Honing Oil is formulated using modern additives and technology to reinvent the "old" heavy sulpherised and chlorinated oils. Delapena HD is classically dark in colour and ideal for heavy duty and large diameter applications, such as Industrial Cylinders and Tube Hones.

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