CG100 Adaptor

CG100 tool

The standard range of Delapena honing heads is suitable for diameters of 25.4mm and above.  Where it is required to hone smaller diameters than 25.4mm and it is not possible to use a hand operated horizontal honing machine, e.g. where the component is too heavy or bulky to be held by hand or for honing bores in situ, the Delapena CG100 adaptor may be used.

The CG100 adaptor can be powered using any suitable portable power source fitted with a 13mm capacity drill chuck simply by gripping the hexagon drive in the ring & yoke assembly.  The CG100/F adaptor can be used with the Delapena friction feed system by using with a 135 type driveshaft.

The adaptor body is designed to accept a conventional honing mandrel and adaptor assembly in exactly the same way as the standard horizontal honing machine such as the Delapena Speedhone EAS. Stone expansion and pressure are applied by means of the knurled knob (arrowed) which is connected directly to the expansion wedge in the mandrel. 

Tooling for use with the CG100 Adaptor may be selected from the Delapena “Mandrels & Accessories” catalogue which can be viewed at .

Although the CG100 Adaptor will accept the full range of mandrels shown in the catalogue, because of the fragile nature of the smaller diameter mandrels the honing of bore diameters below 12mm is not normally recommended using this method.