cylinder liners for powerhone

Cylinder honing and deglazing

At Delapena we have the tooling, abrasives, oils and machines to cover all your cylinder honing and deglazing requirements.


Delapena have designed and manufactured a wide range of manual and machine driven automatic tooling for diameters from 25.4mm to 673mm.  Our manual tooling can be driven by either electric or pneumatic tooling for use at in situ jobs like ship cylinder deglazing.  Our friction feed automatic tooling can be fitted to the Delapena PowerHone machine for large and heavy components in small to medium size batches and prototypes.

air drive tooling for cylinder deglazing


Delapena have a wide range of standard and super abrasive honing sticks to cover all our customer requirements when honing a cylinder and all other requirements you may come across.

See more information on standard abrasives and super abrasives.


Delapena honing oils and coolants are formulated using the latest additives and technology to allow better performance through the honing process.

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Delapena produce a wide range of honing machines to cover multiple honing needs. For cylinder honing we have the PowerHone vertical honing solution for large and heavy components in small to medium size batches and prototypes. The Powerhone is suitable for both through and blind bores, producing an excellent surface finish. The machine has been designed for durability, efficiency and economical honing.

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