Gun Barrel Honing

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Delapena supply a solution for the accurate production and refurbishment of gun barrels.

From the innovative long bore precision E2000-XL CalibreHone machine through bespoke tooling and abrasives finished off with our high quality honing oils Delapena have the complete solution when it comes to gun barrel honing requirements.

Honing Machine E2000-XL CalibreHone

The CalibreHone is a innovative long bore precision gun barrel honing machine which can produce straight and tapered bores at lengths up to 1200mm. The CalibreHone delivers consistent and controlled bore geometry, achieving tolerances and geometries to below 2μ, for diameters up to 50mm. This technically-advanced machine features a unique step-back, ‘back taper’ honing programme, to produce a controlled taper in the bore over a specified angle and length to enable the reliable honing of chokes in gun barrels.

e2000xl honing machine for gun barrels

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High Quality Tooling

Delapena manufacture and supply a wide range of bespoke tooling for the manufacture and refurbishment of barrel honing. From a multi stone and single stone roughing or finishing tool for our CalibreHone to an extended hard steel mandrels for use in refurbishment we cover all the requirements. Our abrasives are specified to be tailored to your stock removal and finish requirements weather it is a standard or super abrasive.

Quality Honing Oils

Delapena honing oils and coolants are formulated using the latest additives and technology to allow better performance through the honing process.

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