Delapena Heavy Duty Super Tooling

Heavy Duty Honing Tool System

hd tooling heads

Versatile modular tooling system that allows customers to select combinations of stone carriers and stone supports, to provide the optimum honing solution for any bore diameter (and material type) for honing a large range of part sizes with minimal setup time. This robust tooling system is engineered for efficiency and durability and backed by Delapena’s tradition of quality.

Available in one (short), two (standard) or three (long) stone length versions, and in either two stones and two guides (HD2) or four stones (HD4), this system will suit most applications.

Compatible with most brands of honing machines and replaces competitors' modular tooling systems.

  • Expandable From 108-1222mm
  • Uses standard Delapena H70 stones and guides
  • Available in one, two or three stone length versions
  • Two stones and two guides or four stones sets are available
  • Super abrasive stone holders available
  • Compatible with most brands of honing machines
  • Quick disassembly for cleaning and maintenance
  • Can be adapted to fit Delapena standard vertical tooling
  • Heavy duty honing head from delapena

Honing Head

The hone head fits directly onto the machine drive shaft and incorporates a universal joint and rotary expansion system. Available in 1, 2 or 3 stone length designs (101.6, 203.2 and 304.8mm).

Adaptors are available to fit to other makes of drive shafts.

Stone Sets

Stone sets are available as either two stones and two guides (HD2) or four stones (HD4) and attached / removed from the carrier adaptor easily using the HD mounting tool. Stone platform houses 2 honing sticks.heavy duty stone set from delapena

Where bore irregularities, such as ovality need to be corrected, two stones and two guides should always be specified.

Super abrasive stone platforms are available with either single (SHD2) or double (SHD4) stone versions. Delapena heavy duty stone sets can be used on Delapena standard (1208) and major (1210) vertical hone heads.

Stone Carriers

Stone sets and guides are mounted onto the carriers. The carriers are mounted into the hone head and expanded / contracted via the rotary expansion system. Each carrier set cover a specified diameter range.

Carrier Supports

For bore diameters greater than 195mm, additional rigidity is provide to the honing head assembly by incorporating a carrier support.  The carrier support steadies the stone carriers and stones to ensure consistent performance. As with the stone carriers, stone supports cover the same specific diameter range as the stone carriers.

Heavy Duty Honing Oil

To complement the Delapena heavy duty tooling system, specially developed HD honing oil is available for heavy stock removal.

Drive shafts

Drive shafts are available to special order according to customer specific requirements of length and connection type to fit other Honing machines such as Gehring and Sunnen.

Please contact us for more details.