e200xls honing machine

CalibreHone E2000S-XL

Innovative long bore precision honing for straight and tapered bores

An innovative long bore precision honing machine, designed specifically to hone straight and tapered bores at lengths up to 1200mm*. The CalibreHone achieves tolerances and geometries to below 2μ, for diameters up to 50mm. This technically-advanced machine features a unique step-back, ‘back taper’ honing programme, to produce a controlled taper in the bore over a specified angle and length.

safety notice
  • Safety interlocks and guarding in automatic mode virtually eliminate potential for accidents
  • Lower spindle speeds in manual mode
  • Full CE certification

Interlocking Guarding


Touch Control

touch control

Remote Diagnostics

remote diagnostics

Long Bore Honing

long bore honing

Innovative in design, flexible and efficient in operation

  • Electronic control system with Siemens’ digital HMI
  • Repeatable full and short stroke to 0.1mm
  • Fully adjustable spindle and stroking speeds
  • Quick change tooling (optional)
  • Push button, closed door, hands-free operation
  • Operation by non-skilled workers
  • Online diagnostics (via Internet)
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Extended tool life

Ideal for:

  • Long bore honing to 1200mm*
  • Straight or tapered bores
  • Tolerances and geometries to below 2μ
  • Diameters to 50mm*
  • Reliable honing of barrels and choke forms in sporting gun barrels
  • Aerospace components

Customised tooling and handmade abrasives are offered by Delapena to further expend the flexibility of this machine.

Specialist Capability: long bore honing, straight and tapered

Precision Control: Reliable accuracy and consistency

Operational Efficiency: Reduced cost per part

“The value offered by CalibreHone is best measured by the precise tolerances achieved, its versatility and specific ingenuity in honing extended, straight or tapered bores. It features a unique step-back, back taper honing programme, to produce a controlled taper in the bore over a specified length of up to 1200mm*.”     

* Subject to honing application