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Single-Pass Honing & Bore Finishing Systems

A superior alternative to traditional bore honing machines

Conventional hole finishing/bore honing utilizes a tool with cutting surfaces that expand and contract as the tool reciprocates in the bore throughout the cycle. Unfortunately, simultaneous radial and axial movement makes controlling bore size (ID) and geometry (cylindricity) more difficult.

Conversely, Engis' single-pass bore finishing process uses fixed-size bore finishing tools coated with diamond abrasive particles. These tools pass through the bore only once, removing a specific amount of material. Using a series of progressively larger bore finishing tools (coated with progressively finer superabrasive particles) enables precise and repeatable control.

Traditional vertical honing machines cannot match the benefits and capabilities of the Engis systems approach. Engis single-pass bore finishing capabilities include:

  • Size control as good as 0.001mm in production.
  • Bore geometry as good as 0.0005mm in production.
  • Surface finish to better than 0.1µm Ra in most materials.
  • Shorter cycle times.
  • Quality bores even with lower skilled operators.
  • Blind bore and cross-hatching capabilities.
  • Predictable, consistent results that lend themselves to statistical process control.
  • Extremely long tool life.
  • Lower overall cost per finished piece.

Applications for single-pass bore finishing can be found in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, hydraulic, advanced ceramic, compressor, aerospace, firearms, and medical.

Originally developed for cast iron, Engis advancements now make single-pass process suitable for both hard, soft and “gummy” metals and materials, including ceramic, steel, aluminum, bronze, brass and chrome.


engis spm machine
Small Precision Machine Series (SPM)
Engis has created the SPM Series specifically for job shops running small to medium sized parts. This provides you with a cost effective bore finishing solution with the flexibility to run different parts with IDs primarily of 50mm and smaller and is available in 4, 6, 8, and 10 spindle models.
engis lpm machine
Large Performance Machine Series (LPM)
Our LPM Series range of machines can assist you with finishing a wide range of bore sizes; from 1.5mm to 150mm. Since the bases are standard, manufactured in quantity, and then customized to your application, we can offer you the best possible performance at a great value. The series is available in 4, 6 and 8 spindle models.
engis fpm machines
3 Axis Bore Finishing System (FPM-3X)
Engis now offers the FPM-3X three axis single-pass bore finishing system which is designed to specifically address the challenge of aligning and finishing bores of large hydraulic valve bodies after stacking, This system significantly reduces downtime by increasing flexibility and by improving the quality of the valve body


engis spm machine
Engis Diamond Honing/Bore Finishing Tools)
At Engis we manufacture a complete range of honing tools, including tools for blind bores, self-adjusting tooling, seating tools and coolant-through-tool design. We even design tools that can be used on the simplest drill press or fitted on sophisticated five axis machining systems and transfer lines.