Single and Multi-Pass Honing Machines

Delapena Honing Machines

The Delapena Group offers a range of horizontal and vertical honing machines for single-unit and small to medium batch honing requirements.

The product range of the Delapena Group honing machines for the machining of bores with diameters ranging from 1mm and bore lengths of up to 4000 mm.

See our range of Delapena Honing Machines.

Engis Honing Machines

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Depapena Group are now proud to be the representatives for Engis in the UK and Europe.

Engis single-pass bore finishing process uses fixed-size bore finishing tools coated with diamond abrasive particles. These tools pass through the bore only once, removing a specific amount of material. Using a series of progressively larger bore finishing tools (coated with progressively finer superabrasive particles) enables precise and repeatable control.

See our range of Engis Honing Machines.