powerhone machine


Precision honing of large and heavy components in small to medium batches.

PowerHone is a vertical machine for honing large and heavy components in small to medium batches.  It is also suitable for honing prototypes and offers both through and blind bore honing, with excellent stock removal rates.  This machine has been designed for durability, efficiency and economical honing.

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  • Full safety enclosure, with auto stop doors
  • Closed door push button operation
  • Full CE certification

Auto Stop Guarding


Siemens Electronics

touch control

Push Button Control

push button controls

Integrated Filtration System

rapid setup

Innovative in design, flexible and efficient in operation

  • Bore diameter range from 25.4mm internal to 740mm external
  • User-friendly control panel with digital cycle timer
  • Maximum power via hydraulic stroking motor
  • Accurate and repeatable stroking movement
  • Fully adjustable spindle and stroking speeds
  • Short stroke capacity
  • Automatic feed system as standard
  • Space-efficient footprint

Ideal for:

  • Marine cylinder liners
  • Pump bodies
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Large valve bodies
  • Compressor bodies

Customised tooling and handmade abrasives are offered by Delapena to further expend the flexibility of this machine.

Operational Efficiency: Reduced cost per part

Versatile and Flexible: Wide ranging application and capability

Lifetime Value: Durable and economical for maximum return

“PowerHone delivers considerable efficiency for the honing of large and heavy components.  As with all Delapena machines, it is reliable and affordable, so represents excellent value.  This vertical machine offers both power and consistency in a compact footprint.”