Subcontract honing to 1 micron

April 2016

subcon honing to a micron

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Delapena has launched a subcontract service that offers its specialist precision finishing expertise to the European market.

Using the latest electronically-controlled, precision honing machines, the company offers a capability down to one micron on volumes from 20 up to 50,000 parts per year. Specialising in up to 25mm diameter, Delapena’s service is capable of up to 500mm.

Delapena has a heritage that spans over 85 years and, although it offered a subcontract honing service in the past, in recent years it had stopped doing so in order to concentrate on the development of the new machines that it now manufactures. Demand from across the UK and gaining interest from the rest of Europe has led the company to introduced the service again.

Delapena says its subcontract service is ideal for low volume and for when the capital investment associated with machine purchase makes ownership prohibitive. Managing director, Martin Elliott, explains its offering; “The advantage is that we manufacture the abrasives, tooling and machines, used in conjunction with our own special blends of oils. This means we can be extremely competitive on price, yet offer industry-leading quality.”

Mr Elliott comments that the subcontract honing service is being used both as a permanent solution and as an interim whilst machines are built; “We can offer either a long-term outsourced service or a risk-free supply which tailors perfectly with a commissioning process.”

As an increasing number of subcontract customers are looking to hone more exotic materials, Delapena offers a bespoke abrasives service. This means that typical materials such as aluminium, brass, titanium and hard steel can be honed as standard, with harder materials such as ceramics and inconel also within honing capability. Delapena has an abrasive development facility and so can produce job-specific abrasives, which it currently offers as part of its subcontract service, without additional charge.

Lead times for Delapena’s subcontract honing service are typically two weeks and quotations are turned around within 24 hours.

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