Subcontract Honing

Delapena has launched a subcontract honing operation for those needing a high quality, high speed service, without capital investment. 

sub contract hoing at delapena

With a range of electronically controlled honing machines, we are known for precise, controllable and repeatable honing. With our subcontracting service, we not only produce the highest quality surface finish, but we can also remove the need for grinding - one efficient process replaces the expense of two, without any capital investment.

Superior subcontract honing service:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Industry-leading expertise
  • Exclusively using Delapena's high precision, electronically controlled machines
  • Using Delapena's high quality oils and abrasives
  • Tools and fixtures produced in-house
  • Competitive Pricing

Delapena offers a complete honing solution, including a suite of technically-advanced machines, horizontal, vertical, heavy-duty and special tooling, a wide range of abrasives and specialist oils. It now adds to that portfolio, a full subcontract honing service for those looking for best quality, best price and best delivery.

Contact Delapena Honing for more information and a quote for your requirements.