Vertical Honing Tooling System

The system is especially suited to the Delapena range of honing machines which possess the power and performance to accurately hone bore diameters up to 762mm. The simple interchange of honing heads ensures application versatility and production efficiency. The vertical honing system can also be used with a variety of equipment, including tube hones, borers, radial or pillar drills and portable power tools.

The Friction Feed Unit

The friction feed unit facilitates honing stone contraction and expansion whilst the stones are rotating in the bore, eliminating the need to halt the process to adjust honing pressure. Control of stone pressure provides improved accuracy and consistency of the honing process.

friction feed unit

The Honing Heads

The three smaller honing heads use a twin cone expansion mechanism. These heads accommodate stone sets mounted directly to the head and are suitable for bore diameters of up to 68.3mm. The three larger hone heads use a rack and pinion expansion mechanism.

hone head

The Driveshaft

Driveshafts are available in a wide range of lengths for both friction feed and manually adjusted operation. Standard manual driveshafts have a hexdrive.

drive shaft

The Stone Sets

Unless otherwise ordered, standard stone sets will be supplied as follows :

  • MIDGET: Four stone sets
  • MINOR: Option of; - two stone sets and two guides or - four stone sets
  • JUNIOR: Option of; - two stone sets and two guides or - four stone sets
  • STANDARD: Option of; - two stone sets and two guides or - four stone sets
  • MAJOR: Uses two "standard" stone sets

Where bore irregularities, such as ovality need to be corrected, two stones and two guides should always be specified.

stone set

The Stone Carriers

For smaller diameters, within the standard head range, stone sets are mounted directly onto the hone head. For standard head applications of greater than 92.25mm diameter and all major and giant head applications stone carriers are required. These reusable units take replaceable, plug-in stone sets, which are interchangeable to ensure that a small range of stones cover a wide variety of applications.

carrier set

The Stone Supports

For bore diameters greater than 158.75mm, additional rigidity is provided to the honing head assembly by incorporating a stone support. The stone support steadies the stone carriers and stones to ensure consistent honing performance.

stone support

The CG100 Adaptor

Where it is required to hone smaller diameters than 25.4mm and it is not possible to use a hand operated horizontal honing machine, e.g. where the component is too heavy or bulky to be held by hand or for honing bores in situ, the Delapena CG100 adaptor may be used.

See here for information on the Delapena CG100 Adaptor

CG100 adaptor