Honing Stones

At Delapena we produce a wide range of hoing stones in our newly built state-of-the art production centre in the UK.

Solid honing sticks

We can produce a wide range of sticks in differant sizes from under 1mm width or hight to over 100mm in lengh

Solid honing sticks are have the cutting abrasive 100% layer through the stick, allowing the stick to cut all the way thru the life of the stone.

Solid Honing Stick

Honing stick with backing layer

The layered honing stick has cutting abrasive in a layer to the desired depth. The remainder of the stick is backing with no cutting abrasive presant.

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Slotted Honing stick

Same as standard honing stones but a slot longitudinally for better cutting, cooling and chip removal.

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Rottler Compatable Super Abrasive

We now product a full range of Rottler compatable Diamon and CBN honing sticks.

Read more about out Rottler compatable honing sticks.

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Bespoke Super Abrasive

We Can produce CBN and Diamond super abrasive stones to suit your requirements.

Read more about out Bespoke honing sticks.

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